From the 16th to the 25th of July

Are you concerned about all the fossil fuels we are burning without control and the pollution we face nowadays? Do you find scary how european governments seem to have different diplomatic standards depending on the oil and gas the country they are dealing with has?

Do you want to discover Madrid, its wonders and night life and the company of some spanish hosts? Have you always wanted to experience the warmest temperatures in Europe?

Then, this is your course. This summer you will learn about renewable energies and their different properties and advantages, but also about the main challenges that exist when we try to use them at a large scale. You will understand the difficulties and costs of this renewable generation, but also the benefits of reduced oil and gas imports.

You will enjoy a city full of life and things to do and get in contact with the Spanish culture first-hand. You will leave loving Madrid.

Don’t hesitate and apply now, we already know there’s only one possible solution for Europe.

Green power. What else?


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